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About Us

This website is a personal project, we visited many really cool places in Israel, took tons of nice photos and videos and decided to build this place in order to share our experience with you.

Michael is from Israel and Joline from Berlin. We currently live in Israel. We met in 2008 at the Israeli Airport and since became friends, a couple, and now we are already married with a little boy named Yosi. Joline moved to Israel in 2010 and ever since we are doing something we both enjoy and love - traveling through Israel.

All the content is written, taken and collected by us, however we are open to get others join and share their experiences. Special thanks to Joline's father Steffen, who also contributed some of the photos. All additional practical info can be found using the links we share. The agenda is to share and recommend, we hope you will find it useful and afterwards come back to share your own experiences. If you have any questions or feedback, please drop us a line.

Thank you for visiting, 
Joline and Michael

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