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Bet Shean


The Bet She'an National Park is located in the city Beit She'an in the North of Israel near the Sea of Galilei.

The park in our opinion is one of the most beautiful and impressing ones – it counts some 20 layers of settlement – and is one of the UNESCO international heritage sites.
The first settlements are dated back to some 5000-6000 years ago. The city had many conquerors: The Egyptians, the Philistines, then it became part of the kingdom of David and Solomon, was rebuilt after a fire in the Hellenistic period, conquered by the Hasmoneans, and came to greatness during the Roman Period, only after the Arab conquest it turned into a small town.
We believe that the Roman Cardo, the baths and the theater, an ancient house of Egyptian governor and the Crusader remains making this park a must-to-visit!

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Bet Shean National Park

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