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Etzel Museum

Tel Aviv

A museum about the history of the Etzel - a Jewish underground military organization.

Immigrating to another country also means that you want to know about its history. In the case of Israel much of the recent history is displayed in its countless army museums – the Etzel Museum is one of them. Etzel fought against Arabs that attacked Jewish settlements and later even against the British. The movie shown in the museum is very interesting and what is great is that they offer it in many languages. You should watch it first and then go through the exhibition, you will understand everything much better. When we arrived, the nice museum guide gave us even a private tour, we are very thankful to him. Right next to this museum is also the Ze’ev Jabotinsky museum so make sure you combine your visit. There is even a combination ticket for 5 of the military museums in Tel Aviv, we bought ours in the Hagana Museum.

Our Notes:

There is another Etzel Museum on the Beach Promenade in Tel Aviv.

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