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Yarkon National Park


The park consists of two places: Yarkon Spring and Tel Afek with the Antipatris Fortress. The park has also two entrances which you can reach by car, so you can enter from either side: Yarkon Springs or Tel Afek.

Yarkon Springs is a park is great for picnics and barbecues. Here are the sources of the Yarkon river and you see water plants and turtles swimming on the surface.
You can walk over to the fortress of Antipatris to the second side of the park, an Ottoman Fortress, build in 1571 and to its feet are the springs of the Yarkon River and an artificial lake. The park has a great picnic are and playground. It is truly an adventurous place for kids of all ages for your next barbecue or picnic trip.

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Yarkon National Park

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